What is Colour future 2019?

As 2019 comes rolling in, so does a burst of energy and optimism in our lives. Sitting still isn’t an option and people are more than ready for action! Our goal is to create a space which reflects this sense of awakening, embracing the positivity in our lives. A home where thoughts turn to actions and dreams to realities, a home where we, and others,

Can let the light in!
What is Colour future 2019?

The colour of the year

Our colour of the year, Spiced Honey, lies at the perfect conjunction of ‘stimulating’ and ‘calming’, truly capturing the essence of our “Let the Light In” theme. While its ochre tones resonate optimism and confidence, lending it a certain stimulating energy, its earthy mid-brown and burgundy tones balance it out by representing the calmer, softer side of this contemporary colour.